NOTA 79 is a music club located in the downtown quarter of Barcelona. It was opened on January 2017.

The idea was to design a cocktail bar on a site where live music events and concerts take place every weekend (it is also used for musical workshops and other activities on weekdays).

Due to this multifunction structure, we designed a special movable bar, that could be used in concert sessions as well for live music. The back bar was arranged with some modular panels, in order to show or hide (as needed) the mirrors installed behind.

For the cocktail list and blended drinks offer, the customer profile for this varied musical offer was taken into account. So we created an easily recognisable drinks list. Our idea was to reach a wider audience within our consumer target.

The result was a well known drink list of 8 cocktails and 6 blend creations, that a varied, customers can instantly feel at home.

The list is based on classic cocktails with some original references on presentation and flavour, in order to bring a hallmark feature. Reinforcing this identity, we added a personalised cocktail, specially designed for NOTA 79.